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Tranquil beaches and warm, breezy weather makes Water Island a great vacation spot for visitors who want to relax. The smallest of the four main US Virgin Islands, Water Island became the most recent to join the main the US Virgin Islands. It measures a mere 491.5 acres and has a population of only 200. Once owned by the US Department of the Interior, Water Island used to be a peninsula out in Charlotte Amalie Bay before a channel was made. In 1996, control of Water Island officially transferred to the local government and some dubbed it: the “Last Virgin.” It lies to the south of St. Thomas and where visitors and residents travel there by ferry from Crown Bay Marina. Administratively, it still remains a sub district of St. Thomas.

As a vacation spot, Water Island offers a more relaxing alternative to the excitement and ritzy nightlife of St. Thomas. Many tourists choose to stay on Water Island for their vacation while making day trips to St. Thomas for shopping and dining; the ferry trip costs between 5 and 10 dollars. The calm and laid-back environment of Water Island gives visitors a chance to completely unwind and enjoy the stunning scenery and peaceful beaches. They can also enjoy boating trips, fishing, kayaking, and hiking trips.

Water Island offers no hotels or forms of public transportation, but the residence areas such as Flamingo point, Sprat Bay, and Carolina Point readily supply vacation homes, apartments, and campgrounds. While visitors may reside at Water Island for their vacation while making trips to St. Thomas for their shopping and groceries, they may also reside in St. Thomas and make relaxing day trips to Water Island.

Comfort and repose await you in Water Island!

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