St.Thomas Virgin Islands - Online Travel Guide

Magen's Bay Beach
A very calm, tranquil heart shaped beach that runs about a mile long. A great place to spend family time, witha gentle down slope into the water, you will always know when you have gone far enough. Some say it ranks among the world's best.

Little Magen's Beach
This beach is a secluded much smaller version of Magen's Beach, but the majority of its visitors are gay males. While unofficially tolerated, this is one of the biggest nude beaches around.

Coki Point Beach
When the ships set in, this beach gets pretty crowded, but with a rocky point and crystal waters, it makes for a great day of snorkeling.

Grand Beach
This beach is one of St. Thomas's most beautiful beaches around. Atrracting mainly the families and couples, you could enjoy yourself in the water or on the beach. Don't like just sun bathing? Visit the shop and enjoy watersports for the day!

Morning Star Beach
Morning Star Beach is known for the younger population. The cute singles and the savvy couples, anyone can strut their hottest look here. To reach this beach, enjoy a cliff front elevator ride and stop at your hippest location!

Sapphire Beach
Like Magen's Beach, Sapphore Beach is a wide, family oriented beach with a safe and fun environment. Rent snorkeling gear and view the reef or just lounge in the sun on a lawn chair.

Secret Harbor
This small and special secret place is no stop by any public transportation, but surrounded by condos. Mainly visited by singles, it's a nice place to meet others just like you.

Lindquist Beach
You may recognize this beach from many TV shows and commercials but as a not very well known beach, many couples will hide away on this beach for sun bathing and romance.

Brewers Bay
Don't come here if you are looking for snorkeling! This beach is popular family beach with long stretches of beautiful white sand and clear waters. Enjoy a light meal or a snack from a vendor right next door.

Lindbergh Beach
Also not for snorkeling, this beach is run by the locals who often throw carnival parties and political rallies on shore. With a lifeguard and bathhouse you know your kids will always be safe in the water.

Vessup Bay
Enjoy the rocky backdrop and the white powder sand. This beach is popular with singles and couples with one end being more populated than the other, you can choose where you want to be.

Hull Bay
With this beach you will find over populated areas of boats setting anchor for fishing in the tranquil waters and cruise ship passengers galore. Don't expect much for activity but you can enjoy a drink at the open end bar.

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